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4.90 star(s)
Mar 23, 2004
Went down again to try to get They Might be Giants duo of 'the Johns' after soundcheck before going to the show. A few years back one of them threw a fit and went off on me about being an ebay dealer. I told him then if I was I wouldnt have tickets to the show that night and to make it worth it would have had more than 1 thing to be signed. He wrote EBAY!!!! real big across the top of the photo and walked off. This time I was able to get both to sign a photo and the Flood cd and they were super cool. Talked for a few minutes with both of them and then thanked John F. for being nice this time since he was not so nice last time I met him and glad I could have a better impression now. He looked confused and I showed him the picture and tickets to the show this time and he said he remembered that and didnt know what to say except 'have fun tonight'. Definately would recommend going to see them live if anyone has even heard of them or if you have kids and they are doing a kids show take the kids. A fun time!
I love that group and have lots of their CDs, plus the two-CD greatest hits. Quirky stuff, I've always enjoyed it. Flood is one of my favorite CDs, too. Glad it turned out OK for you.