This Is What Happens When You Put Shipping Too High, A Steal On Cards.


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Canadian shipper starts an auction at $0.99 plus a whopping $15 shipping for 43 cards with a poor description (doesn't mention names).

this auction is for 43 cards from topps turkey red 2006 serie in this lot you will get regular card (grey) no:581-582-58658-591-606-608-613-623-627-628-630 and sp's 316-325-339-343-348-430-476-501-508, RED version regular no:591-613-628-630 and sp's 316-325-339-348-455-459-476-561, black version 339-374-385-393-412-473-550-615 and SP 351 and a white version no:455 add $15.00 s&h

I hope his assertions of SPs is correct, although there are no short printed parallels it may just refer to the Grey base set version of the card.
The greys are: Ryan, Ripken, Mantle, ?, (RCs): Fielder, Zimmerman, Paplebon, Liriano, Johima, M Cabrera, Pelfrey, Verlander. SPs: A-Rod?, M Ordonez?, Delgado?, Sexson, P Wilson, Ortiz? N Johnson?, Soriano?, Hudson

The Reds: (RCs): Fielder, Liriano, Pelfrey, Verlander. SPs (not really SPs): A-Rod?, M Ordonez, Delgado?, P Wilson, Griffey, Nady, N Johnson?, L Hernandez

The Blacks: Delgado?, Beltre, Glaus, LoDuca, D Davis, Eckstein, Schilling, B Anderson (RC), (not an SP) Piazza Mets

The White: Griffey

That's 9 Grey SPs at $8+ each, plus a number of cards $4 to $10 (in the entire 43 card lot only the Melky being less than $4), the Reds are all $4 to $8, the Blacks are a minimum of $4 each with the Piazza & Delgado at $12 and the White Griffey is $8, so about $250BV for the minimum bid since the seller scared away people with rediculous shipping. I figure I paid less than a buck a piece for each of the $8+ cards and got the rest for free.
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Now you ask if that s/h price was a mistake and can possibly get it down to a reasonable amount. If not, you still get a deal.

David K.

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Most of my deals with our friends to the north of us..have been great...esp with the packages. Best regards, David


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Hopefully things work out. Sometimes I bid on stuff knowing the shipping is high for reasons just as described. I usually factor the shipping into any purchase I make on ebay anyway.



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I usually see that happen the other way around.Some sellers in the U.S.charge outrageous amounts to ship to Canada when all it usually costs is maybe a buck more.


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Heck of a deal, James! Way to see beyond the high shipping costs. Most people would have skipped over it (and, obviously did).