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This Week in Baseball....


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here is a brief recap of returns/additions the past few days...

Trades with Walt(hitnbullseyes) and Andrew

Greg Luzinski 8 cards
Andrew Miller

50/50 with Darrell(thehalk) netted
Kevin Richardson
Mitch Moreland 2 cards

TTM returns
Jamie Moyer 4/4

Ned Yost 3/3
Michael Main 2/2
Andy Hassler 4/5

Monday I attended the Ft Worth Cats/Wichita Wingnuts game. Last homestand for FT Worth so I figured I would go...
The haul from that game

Kennard Bibbs 3/3
Kevin Thompson 2/2
Jose Duran 4/4

Kevin Hooper 6/6
Jason Fernandez 6/6
Ryan Patterson 6/6

Raul Gonzalez 5/5
Carlos Rivera 5/5
Jorge Cortes 5/5

thanks for reading!!!


5.00 star(s)
Nice pick ups. I would also be interested in one of the Raul Gonzalez signatures if they are available for trade. Please let me know. Thanks.