this weeks returns

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Apr 18, 2006
hey guys , mom's in the hospital so I haven't been on much lately, here's what came in this week

Bobby Clarke comes through again, signed 3 customs ( 2 of the same ) sent out on 2/3/010

via email Judge Milian sent signed 8x10 contacted on 12/11/09

via email Notre Dame bkb coach Mike Brey sent signed 8x10 contacted on 12/22/09

via email Gators coach Urban Meyer sent signed photo card , contacted on 12/7/09

fmr Yankee Bobby Richardson signed 2 b+w 8x10's , one with Tony Kubek which I'm sending right out not sure of date sent but took about a month to get back

& a strange rts from fmr Phil Wayne Twitchell, sent a 72 Topps Phils rc's & got the card back with a note saying that's the 1 card he won't sign but I can send any others & he'll gladly sign





Bill.I hope all is well for your mom. Nice successes.Congratulations.
As always, great successes! My thoughts and prayers are with your mom, as well.
hey gang , thanks for all the kind words, mom is doing pretty well, turns out she was severely dehydrated from an inflamed pancreas & we got her to the hospital in time. Again we greatly appreciate the thoughts & prayers it means a great deal to me !!!
glad your mom seems to be doing better man, just a heads up I finally sent you that Bob Cerv signed custom extra from the one you made me