Thoughts on the Million Card Giveway inserts in 2010 Topps

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Mar 2, 2004
I am a sucker for these. I understand that of the million cards an incredibly high percentage of the cards are probably worth so little or worthless, but....

I did get a 53 topps Johnny Lindell from one of these same kind of giveaways in the 90's by Topps

I am glad I pulled one in my first 4 packs but will probably be leary of trading for them because the code could easily be used before I could redeem. wonder what value even will be??

any thoughts/comments appreciated.
Many of the inserts will be thrown away. I for one, threw away 3 or 4 of the inserts. I guess I just did not feel like logging into the site and putting the code in.

If I pull another insert, I may input the code. Who knows.
Good Question...............If it's anything like the 2003 Topps Vintage Embossed, inserted in different brands, there will be small amounts of the 1950's & 1960's stuff, a little more of the earlier 1970's, still more of the later 1970's, and a ton of the 1980's, 1990's, and 2000's..................I'm not holding out much hope for the '52 Mantle but would guarantee that I could score a 1987 Topps Record Breaker Roger Clemens..................It would be nice if they stamped it or something, like "Recollection" or "Buyback..............If not, I may just file it in "The Trash Can Mom Gave Me for Christmas"..................Mike
I'm reading this as that you're unlocking virtual cards, not getting actual cards in the mail. I guess we'll see on February 15 when the site goes live.

(Why Topps can't get the site up at the same time the cards are released, I have no idea.)
I read on the Beckett boards that the cards are real and it's optional to have them mailed to you once you unlock it. Just like eTopps, I guess.

My guess is they will have one of each of every year, which would total around 35,000 cards or so....the rest of the million would be 1987-1991 cards no one wants. Seems like an expensive program unless they charge you $5 for shipping to have it mailed.

Also, I wouldn't be surprised if Topps doesn't actually have the cards in-hand. I bet they buy them as people unlock and request them sent.
seawolf17.............That's a good point.................I assumed real cards because the back said the picture of the card on the front is not necessarily the card you will receive..............Mine shows a 1958 Roy Campanella.............I'm like, yeah, right!

I think it is a cool program and it gives colelctors another reason to buy basic Topps packs and it provides a good chase. We will see what happens as I haven't gotten my hands on any packs of the stuff is odd that the redemption site isn't up yet.
they are setting it up kinda like etopps where you can trade them with other collectors and build sets before having them shipped...will be pretty neat if everyone buys in to it...kinda neato you can trade around and work on a vintage set without having to mess with storage until you are ready.
I've gotten 3 of them so far, probably will input them just to see that I probably end up getting cards that my mom threw away and should stayed in the trash. I suppose there will be a few happy people but I doubt many people will get something they actually want.