thrift shop w bush auto?

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Hawaiian BamBam

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Dec 25, 2008
went to a thrift store and just happened to be going through books and found a book about george w, bush(bush jr not sr!) and in the front of the book was an autographed index card with this autograph on it. please take a look at the scan and tell me if you think it is an autograph of our former president george bush, and if so, does it appear to be a legit/authentic auto? or is it a fake auto? hopefully it is, if not, i only paid $1.00 for the book! your thoughts please.

If it is authentic...and looking on EBAY at his other autos, seems like he has Manny Ramirez two autos are alike...Hard to say if it is real or not....can't go wrong for a buck though
I have been comparing this auto to the bookplates he has been sending out and they are similar, so I think this might be authentic but I'm not 100%
Congrats on a cool looking pick up, but no, I don't think it's the real deal. Here's why: The "G" is looped. Ever since President Bush became Governor of Texas, he signed his name with an open "G," not a "G" that is looped like this one. Also, look at how he closes out "Bush." He normally closes it out with a strong tail that shoots out to the right, not one that dangles down. Those are two of the things I look for with his sig, and this one just doesn't look right. That being said, I am human and I could be wrong.
You have to remember, Presidents are always on the move, so when they sign they do it quickly. So that is why they look different. Hopefully it is real, and great pick up!
thanks guys for your input. i appreciate it. does anyone know where i can get this authenticated? any companies you recommend?
Check on JSA's website. Sometimes they are traveling around from card shops to card shops, and you can meet there locally and don't have to pay all the postage fees. Good Luck and I hope it is real. Don't really know why anyone would have faked it and left it in the book. Also, don't know that someone who owned the thrift shop would have faked it and put it in there to sell a book for a buck. So good luck, Tony.
I got a picture from the white house and they look similiar and personally would worry more if every signature looked exactly the same. I cant even make mine exactly the same everytime and ive been signing my name for over twenty years