Tigers 09 1st rounder and White Caps IP

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Dec 16, 2007
Grand Rapids
Well the exhibition game against Grand Valley St was cancelled but they held an open workout in its place. Jacob Turner is 1 per and pretty sure he is going to stick like that for how ever long he is here.
Jordan Lennerton (gonna get me another bat this year since last year the one I got of his he put a huge dent into from hitting the stairs) Mark Johnson and then the rest are Luis Quinones, Luis gonna be fun to talk to I can already tell. So if you want to do a 50/50 of him send all you want. As far as Turner I'm only gonna do 50/50's on OMLB right now since I'll only be able to get 2 per game if I'm lucky.
Right now all of them are FT except the 87 Topps.
90 UD, 90 Topps, 88 Donruss, 90 Score
Congrats!!! Luis Quinones will sign any card you give him,he signs a lot here in Puerto Rico. He is coach of the "Leones de Ponce" in the Puerto Rico winter league.