Time to catch up... Plus TTM Draft results!


5.00 star(s)
So last month on the SCN website I joined a TTM draft, it was pretty cool! There were 15 rounds with 9 guys, I had the 5th pick. Each of the 9 guys had to send in 15 cards ( 2 had to be HOF'er or HOF caliber, 5-7 cards needed to have a 75% success rate or lower, and the rest just had to be on major league teams). Here I will share the ones that I had picked up.

round 1- 1992 Topps Tino Martinez
round 2- 1995 Studio Mike Greenwell
round 3- 1989 Topps Traded Julio Franco

round 4- 1983 Topps Tony Pena
round 5- 1973 Topps John Mayberry
round 6- 2006 UD Ovation JJ Hardy

round 7- 2005 Bowman Chrome Trevor Plouffe
round 8- 1979 Topps Bill Robinson
round 9- 2012 Topps Chad Qualls

round 10- 1994 UD Jack McDowell
round 11- 2001 Topps Stadium Club Brad Ausmus
round 12- 1975 Topps Doug Rau
round 13- 1989 Donruss Keith Moreland
round 14 & 15 I donated to the guy running the draft

Here are some other pick ups that I also had got in the last couple of weeks.


Riversharks game

50/50's & consignment