To grade or not?


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I bought these two cards the other day and was thinking about having the graded. Do they look good enough to grade? Thanks



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You can grade any condition card you want.

From looking at the scans, the Montana will most likely grade lower due to wehat looks like wear on both bottom corners and the upper right one.

The Rice is harder to tell, but it looks like there may be some chipping along the bottom, thus giving it a lower grade also.

But it is hard to tell in scans.

If you send them in, good luck, hope for a high grade.

Both cards are in nice shape and would be great additions to anyones collection.

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What Jeff065 said.

From the scans, I'm noticing the chipping on the bottom of the Rice card, and the soft corners on the Montana card. I'm guessing neither of these will grade higher than an 8.


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As stated before, its hard to see much in that scan, but....

Based on the lower right corner of the Montana, it would probably be in the 6 range, assuming no hidden surface wrinkles. Those bring around $30 on Ebay, which is about what a raw one would bring in that condition. Factor in your grading fees, and I would say you have a pretty good chance of loosing money.

It's impossible to tell anything about the Rice since 3 corners and 2 sides are cut off in the scan, but I personally wouldn't grade it either.

Those are definitely nice cards to have in any collection, and I realize there are other reasons to get cards graded, but from a monetary stand point I would leave them as they are.

- Britt
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The Montana would definately recieve a low-ish grade, so I wouldn't bother grading. The rice is tough to tell.