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Elroy Face 1/1 1 week (1961 Topps)
608 Della Dr. #5F
North Versailles, PA 15137

One of the first true closers in the game. Why he's not in the Hall of Fame today is beyond me. The man went 18-1, yes EIGHTEEN and one, as a closer in 1959, and when he retired from the game he was SECOND on the career saves list. Yes, he was 34 saves behind Hoyt Wilhelm, who is in the Hall with 227 saves, and Hoyt pitched 5 more seasons than Face. The saves rules have changed over the years, and the numbers game today favors today's closers over those from the past, but the past should not be forgotten, and their accomplishments should not be minimized because of today's save rules and specialization today. Everyone remembers Mazeroski's walk off home run in game 7 of the '60 World Series, but Face was the one who put them in position to get to a game 7. He saved THREE of the Pirates wins in that Series. Unfortunately, not many remember that.

Funny thing about closers. They are a lot like kickers in the NFL. It's tough for either one to get into the HOF. We all want them to be perfect, and when they're not, we all want them to be traded, don't we? Even when they are perfect they very rarely get into the HOF. The writers don't want to put them there, and the Veterans Committee just makes it tough for them to get in. Hopefully, one day soon Face will get that call from the Hall.

He's still waiting.
Nice pick up
Job well done
Roy Face should be in the Hall. They year he was 18 and 1 was 1959 they year before the beat the Yankees in the World Series He worked as a carptenter doing the off season and stuill toils with lumber nowadays.He was always a great signer back in his playing days