Todays mailday. 1 1904 Vintage and 1 major Ebay steal.


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Hello all
These came in today and were both Ebay purchases. Comments welcomed.

1)1904 Fan Craze American League G. Haris "Doc" White

2) I know a steal is an over used or sometimes a shouldnt be used phrase but I really think that this qualifies as a major steal.

2008 Upper Deck Premier Emerging Stars Autographs Dual Silver Spectrum #ES23 Eli Manning/ Patrick Willis/1. Picked it up for $70.00 Buy It Now w/free S&H. Not sure if the Buy it Now surprised me more or that 5 others viewed the page and didnt hit the Buy It Now.

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Very nice cards, especially the Fan Craze! For $70 you definetely got a steal on the dual auto, but if I were one of the watchers I would have passed it up as well, it is an amazing deal, but I just have too many priorities ahead of it.