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Tons O stuff in the pail ,check it out


5.00 star(s)
Lets get tradinnnnnnnnnnnnng!
Looking for anything that catches my eye, love hofer and star player autos


5.00 star(s)
Same as before:
Ripken polar bear
Cutch lineage
Bo Jackson penmanship

Like the Mariano Rivera tribute auto/gu
Randy Jonson die cut auto
Sandy Koufax auto

How about something for the Randy Auto?

I just got the Mariano - took forever to get one... The cut Koufax is NFT and the other Koufax is currently being held in hopes to complete a deal for a Harper auto.

The Randy books $250 but I do not necessarily need that out of it. I would just like a card or two that I can PC. Let me know what you think about a deal for the Randy. Thanks