Review Topps 2020 - Opening Day


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Topps 2020 - Opening Day

36 packs - 7 cards per pack
"Look for Autograph and Relic Cards"

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I received the following: ( box received on Sunday the 30th of August - Topps had ceased sending boxes for review because of the Covid virus....)


One complete set - 200 cards plus 10 duplicates

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Opening Day (even though it's not really OPENING DAY) is a good set/issue for the base set collector. It's relatively inexpensive and should be easy to find. The front of the card is glossy and the reverse is matte finish. The photo on the front of the card is a full bleed photo -- obviously, these photos were taken in previous years... no one in the stands this year and I haven't seen photographers in attendance either... maybe they are there, I just haven't seen them.

The reverse of the card contains the entire stats for the player.... nice!

For what it's worth, it has to be difficult to produce current cards for current players without access to the teams and their games...


Opening Day Stadiums

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Set of 15 plus 2 extra...


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7 different Mascots

Sticker Collection

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4 received - Bellinger, Soto, Betts, Arenado

Spring Has Sprung

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5 received - Williams, Griffey,Jr., McGwire, Acuna, Devers

Team Traditions and Celebrations

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Robinson Statue, Judge's Court and Crown Vision

Foil Parallel

Morton, Arcia, Arraez -- all stamped 'March 25th,2020'

This foil set would be cool to compile but would take a ton of time and lots of buys on COMC, and the 'bay!


My favorite insert is the 'Spring Has Sprung' insert - I like the inclusion of the older and veteran players to the sets.... baseball has a history like no other sport!

Overall grade A

Go buy a box or 3 and send the league leading Rays foils to me!!

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Nice review -- beginning to wonder if this is the set I should put together every year. Seems like the availability of cards is much greater than even flagship.

David K.

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Glad to see their finally doing something right! Nice review and However...don't order from COMC unless your willing to pay extra for the regular shipment is about 90 days!! Best regards, David PS I ordered 5 cards from them (COMC) on 07/20/2020.....shipment date was 10/20/2020!!