TOPPS album stickers

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Feb 20, 2011
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south georgia
I know this site is about cards,but I thought someone might have some insight on where I could find some info on these:Gremlins,hockey early 80s,football,baseball,RETURN OF THE JEDI 1983.
Nothing wrong with asking about these stickers since they certainly fall under the umbrella of sportscards. This topic may have been better suited for the Card talk room though so more people would be likely to see it and help you out.

I know a fair amount about these stickers. Topps produced baseball and football sticker sets annually starting in 1981 and continuing up through at least 1986 or 1987, maybe even later. I know they made hockey and non sports sticker sets during that time period also such as Annie and I think E.T.

At any rate most of the baseball and football sticker sets had about 264 to 300+ stickers in a set with the foil stickers being harder to get. These stickers are quite inexpensive but make excellent trade bait for player and team collectors. I almost always head for my sticker dups when trading with those types of collectors and have traded them numerous times as they always seem to show up on want lists. I only wish they were worth more. While the stickers are not rare nor pricey, not too many collectors seem to have them.

Here is a page from the Trading card database for the 1981 Topps Football stickers. Just click "checklist" to get an itemized listing of all thje stickers in that particular set.

You can find pages for the rest of the ones you are talking about by using the drop box search feature which gives other options including hockey and non sport.

If you have any more questions on these feel free to post them here and I'd be more than glad to help as I know a fair amount about these stickers..
I also should add that these stickers came with albums that you could put the stickers in. as a collectable it was not advisable to put the stickers in the albums though.

I do have to mention that I had a terrible time completing sets of these I started in the 1990s. I had partial sets of these that took almost 20 years to finish as no traders or card shops seemed to have them. While these stickers are not rare, it is odd that very few collectors/dealers seem to have them. Just an odd deal on this product.