Topps and Kellogg's '70s football and baseball trade list


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Just some things that have accumulated over time. LMK if interested in anything. I have specific set needs from '70s Kellogg's, '70s football, baseball, and hockey, and open to other stuff from that era as well.

1970 Kellogg’s baseball – all with eye appeal, most nrmt if not for listed flaws, typical curl

1 Kranepool EXMT with small crescent crack center top border
3 Cleon Jones EXMT crack left border
14 McNally EXMT small crack and very light discoloration mid-left side
16 May EXMT+ with very small crack top left corner TOUGH CARD
24 Epstein EXMT + tiny crack top left corner
24 Epstein EXMT small crack left border
26 Crawford EXMTwith ¼” crack on left border
28 M. Alou one long crack across center
40 Banks EX with two cracks on bottom
50 McDowell nice but notch in top center edge
51 Bando cracks
55 Brown EX with two small cracks
57 Freehan EXMT with tiny crack bottom left corner
59 Pepitone EX with cracks at three corners
60 Murcer multiple cracks
61 Killebrew EX with two small cracks
65 Lolich EXMT one small crack in photo

1970 Kellogg’s football -- all with significant curl

Bill Nelsen blank back EXMT+
2 Otto EX no cracks
26 Jacobs NRMT
29 Snell NRMT
52 Homer Jones NRMT
56 Nobis x5 NRMT

1972 Kellogg’s baseball
10 Torre EX flaw on left border and some light surface wear
24 Beckert EXMT crescent crack on right border

1972 Kellogg’s All-Time Greats – all nice but significant cracks
1 Johnson
3 McGraw
7 Grove

1975 Kellogg’s baseball
2 Grimsley multiple cracks but nice otherwise and a tough card

1976 Kellogg’s baseball
18 Luzinski EXMT with crescent cracks on right border

1977 Kellogg’s baseball
12 Luzinski nice but one large crack

NM Kellogg’s baseball from ’74, ’76 and ’79 thru ’83 (just ask)

1970 Topps football
40 or so VG singles including some stars
Glossy insert 18 Jackie Smith EX O/C

1971 Topps football
Game Insert 37 Unitas EX++
Game Insert 50 Starr nice but very light ½” surface crease
Game insert 50 Starr nice but weird line going across card which shows front and back, like a perfectly straight bend but cards shows no bend
11 different all with small creases

1972 Topps FB
100 Namath NRMT/MT

1973 Topps football
133 NFC semi (Staubach) VG/EX-EX
125 Manning NM

1974 Topps football
328 Rush Ldrs Simpson/Brockington EX
410 Russell EX

1975 Topps football – lots of VG to EXMT singles
145 Staubach EX
400 Tarkenton EX
425 Joe Greene EX
459 Swann Highlight EXMT but OC 90/10 r to l

1976 Topps football
205 Int. Ldrs Blount/Krause EX
273 checklist NM+
273 checklist VG unmarked

1977 Topps Football
3 Rush Ldrs Payton/Simpson EX+

1978 Topps football – lots of EX to NRMT singles
331 Passing Ldrs Staubach/Griese EX
365 Stabler EX

1979 Topps football – lots of VG/EX to NRMT singles
24 Too Tall Jones EX+/EXMT
400 Staubach EX x2
440 Griese EX+/EXMT

1980 Topps football

Lot of ‘70s hockey VG to NM
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don money

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Next question, might you have any of these in NM condition? Looking for bright colors (some look drab, not sure why) and no cracks:

1979 Kelloggs (NM with no cracks please)

Need: ​1 (Sutter), 11 (Guidry) 45 (Yaz)



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Chris: On the '71s, I have one complete NRMT no cracks set, but I am ten away from my second one. I checked my list, and I'm afraid I don't have nice extra copies of the ones you need. I haven't made any progress on this second set in awhile. Going to a decent sized show in a few weeks and hopeful about finding some. On the '79s, the extra Sutter and Guidry I have are not the bright version. I call them orange, they seem to have an orange tint to them, vs the red, or bright version. Same with the Yaz, but it has some discoloration as well, sorry.

Neeman: Surprisingly, no. Sorry.

don money

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Thank you for checking! Do you have any idea why some of the 79s appear orange? Just curious I guess.

Also, how are you storing your 71s? Some of mine are curled and I’m hesitant to pit them in a holder fur fear of cracking. Any suggestions? Thanks!


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I don't know what the deal is with the '79s, but I don't think I have ever really tried to dig up any info. You've got me thinking now, I may see what I can find.

Ahh, storing Kellogg's, definitely a quandary. I store my first set in pages in an album standing up, like a book on a shelf. The pages allow a little play for some curl and take some pressure off (hopefully!), but I don't include any that have significant curl in my NM sets. With my second set and other NM ones, this is what I do. If I purchase or receive it and it is flat in a top loader/cardsaver, I leave it in that if I can tell the card is truly flat. But, if you look, you can usually see if it had curl but was put in a holder as the top and bottom edges will have a little curl and be pushing against the inside of the holder. You can see this in PSA graded Kellogg's on eBay if you enlarge. I never purchase one like that, I believe they will crack over time. Also, I will ask the seller/trader if the card had been curled and loose and they placed it in a holder, or will request that a loose one with some curl not be placed in a regular holder. For those I get that have some curl, I will put them in a top loader designed for thick game used cards which allows for the curl without placing stress on them. If they have significant curl, I simply don't put them in anything more than a sleeve and stack them. But yes, putting curled ones in flat holders will cause cracking over time. Lastly, I just try to keep them away from wide temperature variations. Finicky things for sure. Hope some of this you can find helpful. I will add those you listed that you needed to my list and see if I have any luck at that show.
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don money

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Years back, I learned the hard way. Ordered a 71 K Palmer, put it in a sheet and at some point, it cracked on my watch. I was devastated and am leery now.

I went to The National this year and a couple of dealers had crack free versions. I pecked off 8 from my list. Also picked up a few cracked versions for fillers, very cheap.

Fun, but tough set. Awesome that you are closing in on number 2.



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Yeah, me too. Had a '71 Clemente crack while in my possession, that one definitely hurt.

That's great you got to go to the National, and nice you found some there. I had a source here locally, but he was older and had some health issues and stopped setting up at shows. I miss him. I initially started my first set after my LCS had someone sell him a box of probably a hundred or so, and I ended up buying almost all of them, cracked or not.

Yeah, tough set for sure, but kinda fell in love with it, and just patiently keep on plugging.



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I also have the following baseball, but all cracked:

1971 Kelloggs
50 Ernie Banks
68 Willie Stargell

1974 Kelloggs
4 Bert Campaneris
6Jim Palmer
33 Dick Allen
39 Bobby Bonds

1975 Kelloggs
28 Joe Rudi


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I would be all over all of those if not cracked, but, I am doing a cracked '71 set with all of those that I have accumulated and could use the #68 Stargell if it just has cracks and is in decent shape otherwise. But again, I don't have any hits from your list unfortunately. I have seen your list before and would have liked to see about some of your other stuff, just no hits.


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Here are my '70s football and Kellogg's baseball want lists. Thanks for the interest and just lmk.

'70 Topps Super -- Need 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,14,24,25,26,27,28,29,30,31,32,33,34, 35
1970 Topps Glossy -- 1,2,4,6,12,,20,21,22,24,29,
1971 Topps Game: 2,4,8,11,13,14,15,18,23,25,26,27,28,35,36,41,43,44 ,47,48,52
1971 Topps Posters -- ANY
1970 Topps. ( 'u' means could use an upgrade)
20,25,30 Starr,70 Sayers,72u,80, 87 Lilly,90 Simpson, 100u,103,113,130 Brodie142,144,145,146,150 Namath,151,154,157,160,164,166,170,175,176,177, 182,189u,190 Butkus,220,247,249,251,254,258,260,261,262

Kellogg's baseball
'70 -- 2nd Set - FLAT NM WITH NO CRACKS - 2,4,13,15,20,21,29,30,34,42,47,48,60,61,73
'73 -- Would like to start a second set so welcome offers on these as well.


'74 -- 1,2,3,4,8,9,20,28,37,38,
'76 -- 3, 10, 11, 37 53, 54, 55
'77 and '78 -- just started second sets, looking for these now as well
'79 -- S 5,13,17,18,21,22,29,50
'80 -- 2,
'81 -- 5,6,8,33,65

Interested in Kellogg's FB as well


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I would be all over all of those if not cracked, but, I am doing a cracked '71 set with all of those that I have accumulated and could use the #68 Stargell if it just has cracks and is in decent shape otherwise. But again, I don't have any hits from your list unfortunately. I have seen your list before and would have liked to see about some of your other stuff, just no hits.

Open to cash offer as well.