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Topps Archives Signature
Active Player Edition

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One box - one encased autographed card per box

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Chris Taylor 2014 Bowman Buyback
Numbered to 77

Archives Signature - Active Player Edition - in my opinion is a niche issue. Boxes/pack/card is selling here in O'do for at least $45 and higher per. Now, having said that, the player collector should like the issue as well as the card gambler. The person who buys and rips to sell - it could prove to be very interesting.

The card itself is auto'd on card - as it should be in blue Sharpee. I have also stated in previous reviews that I believe cards/packs in this price point should be limited to an absolute max of 35 to 40 ( and that may be high.) If one plops down the bucks for 2 packs - say $100 - and pulls 2 autos with a value of $5-$10 each, it leaves a bad taste in one's pocketbook. Admittedly, there will be the folks that pull Trout, Bellinger, Yelich, Vlad,Jr., Othani, to name a few that will greatly out weigh the $5 models.... IF all were numbered to 35 or less, all would be more valuable to everyone. Just my 2 cents.

Overall grade C

Try your luck and trade any Rays auto (from this issue) to me!



5.00 star(s)
I agree wholeheartedly Duane. Exactly why I do not touch the stuff. Stakes too high. I'd rather buy 45 lottery tickets. Thanks for the review. Mike