Topps Attax


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Have you guys noticed some of the BV's for these? Beckett lists a Attax code card of Jeter for $6. Which I assume is basically just the series 2 pack releases. His regualr Attax card carrys a whopping $1.50 bv. Big diffrence between what appears to be nothing. Also anyone have any idea what the diffrence between the battle foils? I bought a tin looking for a Scott Rolen and got what I beleive to be 2 foils, Rickey Henderson and someone. Just looking for some basic answer's or comments.



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You know who is to determine how they do this. Look at the 1993 Ernie Banks only 15 bucks. Back when this started to catch fire. I think it should be worth more. But what do i know?


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The battle foils have a different picture than the pack foils and are only gold foils the pack foils also had a regular foil besides the gold.