Review Topps Baseball 2010 - Series 1

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5.00 star(s)
Oct 8, 2002
Sunny Central Florida
Topps Baseball 2010 - Series 1​

36 packs - 10 cards per pack
'1 Autograph or 1 Relic card per box!'

I received the following:

251 unique base cards (330 in Series 1)


Classic design on the base set - very well done this year. The cards are glossy with a white border. The players photos are nearly all action photos. The reverse is classic as well - with a different photo of the player - EXCELLENT!!!! The numbering of the cards is easy to read as well.

Inserts - (Lots-o-inserts!!)

Topps Town
Complete set of 25 plus a few extras
4 Gold Topps Town

Peak Performance
Cards Your Mom Threw Away


9 Peak Performance
12 Cards Your Mom Threw Away

Legendary Lineage

9 different cards

Turkey Red
When They Were Young


9 Turkey Red
5 When They Were Young

Tales of the Game
History of the Game


6 of each

Gold Parallels #ed to 2010


Cards Your Mom Threw Away - Original Back



Maine, Robertson, Wakefield, Kemp, Stewart, Crosby

Game Used


Dave Winfield


Another good year for the base set. The master set builders out there will have a good number of inserts to chase as well. The gold parallels are rather scarce - only 6 in my box.

I also like the fact that I did not receive any duplicates in this box.... very good!!

The History of the Game and the Tales of the Game inserts are interesting. I like to be reminded of the guys that have gone before and made the game as great as it is. Thank you Topps for continuing to remind us of the history of America's greatest pasttime!

Overall grade A+

Go buy several boxes and send the Rays game used and autographed cards to me!!!

Nice review Duane, as usual.

Kudos to Topps! Great looking product this year. Especially love the "When they were young" inserts. Hope they continue to series II.

Did you pull any of these?
When They Were Young: WTWY-MC
Peak Performance: 35
Ticket to Topps Town: TTT15
First Class Ticket to Topps Town Gold: FCTTT15

Did you pull any of the SP cards? I would be interested if you did...

Also, I need card #131 to complete my set.
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Did you pull any of these:

Tales of the Game - 5
History of the Game - 6 17
Turkey Red - 14
Cards Your Mom Threw Out - 46

These are the last cards from this set that I am looking for. I have some inserts I can trade if necessary.


Unfortunately, I am a Yankee collector, and those pie cards are going to kill me! Not real happy about that one !
This is a great looking product. Seems to be pretty heavy in inserts this year. Did you happen to pull any of these which may be available:

The Cards Your Mother Threw Out

My Jumbo box was pretty good. Lot's of inserts! Also got 10 "Topps Million" cards.Scored a Scott Kazmir game worn jersey, John Lackey Silk Collection 44/50, Matt Tolbert Peak Performance Auto, and last but not least, a Rggie Jackson hat Logo, from NYY. Not bad, especially for an angels fan.

I can say I actually had more fun opening this jumbo box then I have had in a long time. I'll be cracking another one!

Will have to see if I have a full set, I understand it is possible with the Jumbos. We will see...
I am working on the Gold #/2010 set this year. If they are for trade, can you tell me what you got. If I need any of them maybe we can work out a trade.


I am working on the Gold #/2010 set this year. If they are for trade, can you tell me what you got. If I need any of them maybe we can work out a trade.



I have 24, 38, 73, 84, 151, 170, 174, 199, 208, 214, 237, 238, 243, 257, 268, 274, 293, 306, 329