Topps buybacks FT


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I have picked up the following buybacks and have no interest in them:

1969 Topps #460 Joe Torre stamped 2003 vintage Topps card

1974 Topps #247 Rick Miller stamped Topps 75th

1974 Topps #544 Ron Schueler stamped Topps 75th

1975 Topps #467 Ed Halicki stamped Topps 75th

1978 Topps #387 Ken Holtzman stamped 2015 Topps original

1979 Topps #461 Jim Barr stamped 2015 Topps orginal

1980 Topps #54 Dennis Lamp stamped Topps 75th

If anybody is interested in any or hopefully all of these please let me know and we will work something out.