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Looking for some expert opinions. I was taking inventory of my sets and realized that I started collecting baseball hardcore in 2011, but I like round numbers and would like to go back and put the 2010 set together. The cheapest way to do so would be to just buy the set off eBay or buy the factory version, both of which I feel are cheating. But my question is is there a difference between the Factory sets that Topps produces vs. putting the set together with a collection of retail and hobby packs? Is there a difference in value, or a difference at all?


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I just recently decided to put another 2010 Topps set together only reason is a bought about 15 of those champions multi-pack boxes from Walmart they happened to have 2010 Topps Series II packs in there pulled a Harper and Ryu Sunglasses SP's had a bunch of 2010 Topps dupes so just decided to put the set just picked up a Posey Bumgarner and Strasburg RC's in a trade today and picked up a bunch of series I i needed in a trade.

Strasburg is 661 in the set and the only way to get is either via a Factory set or via the Update packs/boxes and the pull wasn't that easy but you can pick up a factory set on Ebay for around $25 dlvd but what fun is that


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advantage to factory set is the cool box it comes in and the #661 card it seems they have been adding lately. being a set collector with limited funds I usually get the factory set for Christmas at wal mart and pay only $50 versus what the card shops may charge.

if you buy packs then of course you get extra of cards and then have to try to unload them somehow thru trade or selling. I have many times thru the years bought a full 4 boxes before even complaint the set and at $60+ per box (retail) that is over $250. hmmmm $250 vs $50 I think even you can figure that one out.

but the ultimate deciding factor is how far yoju want to go with your collection.

I have an extra 2010 topps 1-660 (as well as a few past years sets) we can work a deal if interested.


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You also get factory set parallels which are pretty sought after by player collectors.


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If you never open the factory set, the unopened set always carries a higher book value.....