Review Topps Field Access - N F L

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5.00 star(s)
Oct 8, 2002
Sunny Central Florida
Topps Field Access - N F L

4 packs - 10 cards per pack
4 Autos per box

I received these:


23 black base cards - all unique - 11.5% of the 200 card base
8 blue parallels - 4% of the 200 card base


Field Access is a premium issue. Full bleed action photos and printed on very stiff stock. These are not as condition sensitive as they look - they seem to be pretty durable. The front is high gloss with silver foil imprinting. The reverse is simple and easy to read.



Purple parallel - David Johnson #ed to 25
All Access - Eli Manning // Emmitt Smith
Adrenaline Rush - Matthew Stafford // T. J. Yeloon

Inserts are relatively few and for the set builder that is a very good thing - for the player collector - not so good.



Eric Ebron
Jordon Matthews
Richard Rodgers

Gold Auto


Rueben Randle #ed to 99


Field Access NFL will be a very good issue for the player collector. The set builder might find the hill to be kind of high.... especially, if one is a 'truest' - wanting to pull 90+% from their own packs. If not, the 'bay will be the best choice for lots to complete the set.

The cards do look very good and the printing is great. The autos I received are each stickers - well designed. I do like the fact that one receives 4 autos in each master box!!!

Overall grade B+ - would have liked to receive a few more base cards in the master box.

Go buy several boxes and see what autos you pull.
Thanks for the review Duane. Good job Topps! These look really great. I might have to go out on buy a few boxes. Please LMK if you pulled any of these.

24 31 107 137 166 192

Thanks, Brett
Did you pull either of these:
70 Ameer Abdullah - Detroit Lions
79 Kenny Bell - Tampa Bay Buccaneers