Review Topps Finest M L B


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Topps Finest M L B

1 master box - 2 mini boxes - 6 packs per minibox - 5 cards per pack
1 guaranteed chrome auto per mini box

I received these:

38 unique base cards

Topps Finest is a premium issue and the cards do not disappoint. The ultra high gloss stiff cards are well designed with an action photo of the player on the front of the card. The background is a bit busy but looks good. One will have a minor problem determining whether or not a card is a refractor or not... good luck with that one! The best way is to look carefully at the background and if it resembles a 'rainbow' or has a shifting color - then it's probably a refractor. The reverse of the card again has personal stats, 2014 stats, and career stats along with a short write up of a Finest 2014 MLB Performance.

Set builders should like this issue, but probably not as well as player collectors. Player collectors will have blue, green, purple, red, gold, refractors, autos, 1/1's, xfractors and other parallels to chase.



One of each - each numbered

Green - Peralta #ed to 99
Blue - Klube #ed to 150
Purple - Ventura #ed to 250


Refractors (I think!!!)

Peralta, Yelton, Renaudo


Posey, Gordon

Generations/Finest First/ Finest Retro


Clemens, Aparicio, Banks, Neikro

Finest First


Finest Retro

Bautista, Kershaw, Cano


Beltre - card # 105


Christian Yelich
Koji Uehara #ed to 99 - green refractor


Topps Finest MLB - I neglected one insert - and no I did not receive one - dang it... the die cuts. I have only seen them on the 'bay.... tried to get one and got out bid. They are my favorite insert - even though I haven't held one in my 'cold dead hands'.... yet!

The autos are well done - on the card as they should be in blue Sharpee. Player collectors will have a time chasing each of the variations on the autos... good luck with that.

Overall grade A

Go buy several master boxes - send the league leading Rays autos and parallels to me!!



5.00 star(s)
That's some nice stuff. I'm interested in the SP Beltre. I'll see what kind of Rays I pulled.
(Just looked) I have a Longoria Refractor and a Longoria XFractor.
I know that David K. could use all 3 of the Finest Retro. He's sure to hit you soon on that.
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5.00 star(s)
I could really use the Koji Uehara auto, the only Rays auto I have is this one. Any chance, or something else?
2011 Bowman Sterling #BSP-JHA James Harris