Topps Giveaway at NSCC, need Gold #26 Harvey and Conforto Auto

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Picked up a bunch of the promo giveaways at the Topps booth at this years National Convention. Cool looking Bowman Prism cards, 50 to a set. There were 4 Mets in the set. I hung around the Topps booth and was able to trade for all except the Harvey Gold and Conforto Auto.
I have a small stack left to trade if anyone is looking for some:
BNR-3 Joey Gallo Texas Rangers®
BNR-6 Babe Ruth New York Yankees®
BNR-8 Kris Bryant Chicago Cubs®
BNR-10 Hank Aaron Atlanta Braves™
BNR-12 Adam Jones Baltimore Orioles®
BNR-13 Michael Conforto New York Mets® Rookie
BNR-14 Jacob deGrom New York Mets®
BNR-17 Francisco Lindor Cleveland Indians® Rookie
BNR-18 Josh Donaldson Toronto Blue Jays®
BNR-19 Lucas Giolito Washington Nationals®
BNR-21 Miguel Sano Minnesota Twins® Rookie
BNR-22 Kyle Schwarber Chicago Cubs® Rookie
BNR-23 Luis Severino New York Yankees® Rookie
BNR-26 Matt Harvey New York Mets®
BNR-31 Byung-Ho Park Minnesota Twins® Rookie
BNR-34 Ken Griffey Jr. Seattle Mariners™
BNR-35 Jon Gray Colorado Rockies™ Rookie
BNR-36 Alex Reyes St. Louis Cardinals®
BNR-43 Kenta Maeda Los Angeles Dodgers® Rookie
BNR-47 Greg Maddux Atlanta Braves™

BNR-18 Josh Donaldson Blue Jays
BNR-32 Anthony Rizzo Cubs

Will trade these for wantlist help also. There probably won't be any book values on these but they are selling very, very well on eBay. Please don't ask me to value them (I don't have to go by book value). Just make an offer. If it is for cards on my wantlist, I will usually jump at the chance to fill it. Thanks, Mike


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I'm going tomorrow so I'll see what I get and let you know. Sent you a PM but was the place packed ?


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I'm going tomorrow so I'll see what I get and let you know. Sent you a PM but was the place packed ?
PM sent but for anyone else, I went Wed, Thur, Friday to avoid the crowds and it was very light. Would imagine the weekend to be very busy. If you plan on getting redemptions at the Topps booth, go early...they may run out!