Review Topps High Tek Football


5.00 star(s)
Topps High Tek Football

One pack -- 8 cards
One on card auto in each box

I received these:

Todd Gurley Redemption Clouds Auto

Purple Grass
Isaiah Crowell

Spirals, Bubbles, Grass, Circuits, Waves - Oh My!

E. Manning, D. Parker, L. Kuechly, D. Marino, J. Bell, and K. White

High Tek - anyone reading this knows that I really like the acetate cards. I like this issue. I would greatly appreciate Topps at least marking the cards A- H, or 1 - 10 for different patterns.... The player collector would have a much easier time determining what is needed for their collection. The master set builder - might have a bit of a tough time building a complete High Tek set - lots-o-variations!

Good to see some retired players in the mix. Not sure how many are included - I am estimating that the set is 100 cards. ( I don't read other reviews prior to writing this one - that's why it is an estimate....)

Overall grade A- could have a few more cards in the pack - maybe 2 or 3 packs per box? And please number or letter the different parallels.

Go buy several boxes and post your autos here!



5.00 star(s)
Duane great review again. Seems like your hitting a lot of the local alums. I'd like to trade for the Parker if possible.