Review Topps High Tek Football

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Oct 8, 2002
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Sunny Central Florida
Topps High Tek Football

One pack -- 8 cards
One on card auto in each box

I received these:

Todd Gurley Redemption Clouds Auto

Purple Grass
Isaiah Crowell

Spirals, Bubbles, Grass, Circuits, Waves - Oh My!

E. Manning, D. Parker, L. Kuechly, D. Marino, J. Bell, and K. White

High Tek - anyone reading this knows that I really like the acetate cards. I like this issue. I would greatly appreciate Topps at least marking the cards A- H, or 1 - 10 for different patterns.... The player collector would have a much easier time determining what is needed for their collection. The master set builder - might have a bit of a tough time building a complete High Tek set - lots-o-variations!

Good to see some retired players in the mix. Not sure how many are included - I am estimating that the set is 100 cards. ( I don't read other reviews prior to writing this one - that's why it is an estimate....)

Overall grade A- could have a few more cards in the pack - maybe 2 or 3 packs per box? And please number or letter the different parallels.

Go buy several boxes and post your autos here!

Duane great review again. Seems like your hitting a lot of the local alums. I'd like to trade for the Parker if possible.

These cards remind me of the patterns you could set your background to in older versions of windows.