Review Topps M L Soccer -- 2015


5.00 star(s)
Topps M L Soccer 2015

24 packs -- 10 cards per pack
2 autos and 2 Relics and 1 auto Relic per box

I received these:

197 base cards and 20 duplicates --

MLS 2015 is a good base issue - even the Orlando City Soccer is included??? (who would name a team that?) The front of the card is glossy with an action photo of the player along with his position and his team logo. The reverse has personal and pro stats along with a summary of a highlight of his career. Soccer collectors should like this issue for several reasons - one gets nearly a complete set of the base cards in a box, there are 24 and under cards (up coming stars) and the set photography is excellent.


Soccer Basics - mini inserts

3 - Step over, throw in, and punt

Game Day Heritage // Presence of the Pitch

2 - Game Day Heritage
4 - Presence of the Pitch ( I have never understood why the soccer field is called the 'pitch')

Numbered Inserts/Parallels

Dempsey - gold #ed to 25
Williams - #ed to 10


Pedro Morales
Sebastien LeToux

Both are sticker autos - blue Sharpee as they should be. The autos both look good and the cards were designed for the stickers.... well done!

Jose Goncalves
DeMarcus Beasley

You should have seen Beasley in high school - this young man could fly! What a player! -- Now played in 4 World Cups... very impressive!

Auto/Relic #ed to 190 -- Wil Trapp

Printing Plate 1/1

Yellow plate - Diego Chara


I must admit that I am not a soccer (futbol) aficionado (our son is and he travels in Europe to games.) I do appreciate the fitness that goes into a pro player - 3 subs in a game of 90 minutes - running 5-7 miles per game.... better than me - talk about a heart attack waiting to happen! The base cards a just a bit 'busy' with the design behind each player's picture. I do like the 24 and under cards - especially for the younger collector and the rookie collector.

I also like the Soccer basics minis -- good looking cards and for those getting accustomed to MLS these cards are a great addition to the set.

Overall grade A- just a few too many dupes with out completing the set....

Go buy several boxes and send the Beasley parallels to me!