Review Topps Museum - 2015 N F L

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5.00 star(s)
Topps Museum - 2015 N F L

4 Mini boxes - 5 cards per box
1 on card auto, 1 jumbo relic, 1 auto relic, and 1 quad relic (per hobby box) -- 1 of the above in each mini box...

I received these:

14 base - 14% of the 100 card base set


Museum is on thick heavy stock. The black border is such that if one is looking to get something graded -- handle with even greater care than normal.... black is a tough grade. The design is clean - nearly black and white with the exception of the player photo. The reverse is easily readable - looks great!



Blue #ed to 99 - Nelson Agholor
Canvas Collection - Eli Manning

The Canvas Collection card is textured.... looks much better in hand than in the scan.

Jumbo Relic

Kelvin Benjamin #ed to 25

Quad Relic

Steelers - Bell, Bettis, Brown, Ward

Dual Relic / Auto

Kelvin Benjamin #ed to 150
(must be a Kelvin Benjamin box!!)

Signature Series


Jordan Matthews #ed to 5

Cool looking card!!


Very good issue for the player collector and even the team collector.... the set builder might have a bit of work to do to complete the set. As said earlier, the design is good, the player's name is easily read, the logos are present but not overpowering -- good job!

Three of the inserts I received are extremely thick and could also be subject to handling conditions if one is not careful.

Overall grade A

Go buy several boxes - see if you get a card #ed to 5 or less!