Review Topps Museum Collection N F L


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Topps Museum Collection N F L​

4 mini boxes
1 Quad relic, 1 jumbo relic, 1 on-card auto and 1 auto relic per master box.

I received these:

11 premium base cards - I believe the base set is 100 -- 11% of the base set.

Museum Collection is a premium issue - printed on thick stock with a glossy front and a grey reverse. The reverse has personal and career (or college) stats and a Career Appraisal synopsis.
Museum Collection is a bit pricey at about $220 per box and I am told that folks can do very well with some of the boxes....



3 bronze -- Jackson, Latimer and Gronkowski
One blue #ed to 99 - Jackson

Canvas Collection

Nutri System - Dan Marino (I've lost 40 lbs!)

Jumbo Relic #ed to 50 and Quad Relic

Jumbo - West
Quad - Evans, Watkins, Beckam, Matthews

On-Card Auto

Julius Thomas

Blue Sharpee - with jersey # - #ed to 350

Auto Relic

Marcel Reece #ed to 120

Hard to see in the scan, but the 3 color piece even has a 'scale' looking background - cool looking piece.


The set builder might have a hill to climb but the player collector should be relatively happy. I do believe the base set is a bit shy of current players - maybe the base set should be 200 or 220 and one should get a few more base cards in the box??? Especially with the inclusion of retired players..

My favorite insert is the dual relic with auto.... looks very good!

Overall grade A-- not big enough base set -- however, the cards received are excellent looking!

Go buy a box or three and send the dual auto relics to me!



5.00 star(s)
Thanks for the review Duane. This product doesn't seem like it worth the price tag, either way it's out of my league.