Topps not allowing dealers to break open the mini boxes?

David K.

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Picked up the rest of my money from the Hobby store that sold my Juan Soto RC cards. Saw the bowman chrome boxes and asked if they could open one of the mini boxes and sell me some of the packs. Kicking out about $100.00 for a mini with only 6 packs and 5 cards per pack did not cross my mind......after taking a bath with the two bowman chrome boxes the week before.... ........was told by the we can't do that!! Topps indicated that mini boxes were not to be opened and the packs sold as individuals! I said are u kidding me???? Nope we cannot do that! Anybody else had the same issue or problem at their hobby store? Best regards, David
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The problem with the Topps/Bowman mini boxes...from watching Phil Hughes Phil's that the auto in every box was the fifth pack of every mini box!