Review Topps Platinum N F L

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5.00 star(s)
Topps Platinum N F L

20 packs - 5 cards per pack
2 Rookie autos and 1 Auto'd Patch Card in every box!

I received these:

Mike Davis - Rookie Refractor Auto'd Patch card


Bryce Petty
Alex Carter

Both Chrome cards - both sticker autos and clearly notated on the card that these are certified autos...


5 Xfractors - D. Green-Beckham, T. Kroft, T. Gurley, S. Diggs, J. Langford
1 Blue Chrome parallel - Maxx Williams

Die Cut

Kelvin Benjamin - Refractor die cut

Gold Parallels

20 received...
Each is 3 times thicker than the normal card and each appears to be a refractor much the same as in previous years. This would be a very cool parallel set to collate...


I received 53 paper base - 53% of the 100 card set
and 24 chrome rookies - 24% of the 100 card set

Platinum is a cut above. I'm not sure I really like chrome and paper together in the same set, but I could learn to live with it. Platinum is well designed with excellent photography. Even the paper base has a reflective quality to it. The cards seem to be pretty sturdy and should hold up nicely to grading scrutiny.

Platinum is an excellent set for the set builder - should take about 4-5 boxes to complete the base set with a fantastic start on the gold parallel set. I'm not 100% sure of the number of parallels that are available to the player collector - soooo, the player collector might have a relatively easy time of chasing each needed card.

The rookie collector should also be pleased with 100 rookies to chase.

I again like the die cut and I like the autos on chrome cards.

Overall grade A -- cards look very good.

Go buy several boxes and see how close you can come to the gold parallel set.



4.90 star(s)
Any of these:
71 Ndamukong Suh - Miami Dolphins
81 Lavonte David - Tampa Bay Buccaneers
107 Kenny Bell - Tampa Bay Buccaneers
136 Ameer Abdullah - Detroit Lions


5.00 star(s)
Thanks for the review Duane. Although I'm not a fan of photo's where the player is photoshopped out, I like this years design with the teams logo in the background. Please LMK if you pulled any of these.

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