Review Topps Prime - NFL

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5.00 star(s)
Oct 8, 2002
Sunny Central Florida
Topps Prime - NFL​

10 mini boxes - 6 cards per pack
4 Hits in every box!
I received the following:

39 base cards - no dupes!!:D :D

Topps Prime - thick cards, high gloss front, full bleed action photo, and silver foil name and team logo ---- can you say Stadium Club from years past???




#ed to 999
M. Kafka
D. Williams
B. Tate
#ed to 699
J. Gresham
S. Canfield


#d to 199
D. McNabb
M. Williams

PR - Prime Rookie
13 - R. Gronkowski
19 - D. williams
31 - G. McCoy
34 - M. Kafka

2nd Quarter
17 - D. Bryant/D. Thomas
25 - J. Gresham / J. Shipley


3rd Quarter
12 - Bradford/ TEBOW / Clausen
21 - Spiller/McKnight/Price

4th Quarter
17 - McCluster/LaFell/Hardesty/Tate
28 - P. Manning/Brady/Romo/Bradford


Relics / Autos


Dez Bryant #ed to 420


Quad Relic / Auto #ed to 399
CJ Spiller

Blue Auto
N. Suh #ed to 149


4th Quarter Quad Relic
#ed to 124

Spiller/D. Thomas/Dwyer/J. Graham



Topps Prime should be great for the set builder and possibly for the master set builder (albeit that one will need to use the 'bay to finish off the numbered portions of the set). There are 150 cards in the base set and I received 26% of the set in this box. One should need to purchase at least 4 boxes to have a good shot at the set. At any level, one would have enough trade bait to work on any level of the set.

I like the auto cards (even though they are stickers) - the cards are designed for the auto and the auto is embedded in the card - thank you!!

The player collector should not have too big of a hill to climb in Topps Prime. There are lots of inserts and numbered parallels to chase of each card.

Overall grade B++ not sold at all on the design.... but I did get one Tebow card!!

Go buy several boxes and send all of the Tebow cards to me!!

Duane and those breaks....dang....:D
And, you and the SUH's....but I know what I am sending I hope you don't have what I'm sending....I still can't get any Tebows :(...but I will whenever I can meet with my buddy at his house....

You can't stop me, either, cuz now I have your addy lol....
Ty for your PM as well....I read it and understand.....will respond tomorrow..
Take care....nice PULLS....:)
Best regards,
Great review... I busted a box as well and was very happy, very solid product... would love to trade for any Niners or Raiders base you might have pulled....

Thanks for the review! Nice pull on the Suh. I think the base design is a bit too simple.

Unlike John, I love the simple design. Borderless, crisp action photo, and large team logo are my three favorite characteristics to a great card. Too bad it's a small base set.

On the other hand, I can't stand two or more players representing different teams on a single card.