Review Topps Puck Attax - Game

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Oct 8, 2002
Sunny Central Florida
Topps Puck Attax - Game​

I received a game box with one starter pack and a playing board, PLUS a box of game cards - 6 puck cards to a pack and there are 24 packs.


The puck cards are the size of a puck. There are regular black, silver and gold refractor versions. Each pack has 6 puck cards, 5 regular and 1 refractor puck.

If you would like one of these packs - unripped (23 total) and the last person gets the one I ripped open, let me know on this thread.

NOW, if you would like a chance to receive the starter pack and the game board, choose a number between 1 and 1000. The closest to the number, without going over, will win. All guesses must be posted here by 12Midnight, 12/21.

i would like three packs and the contest number ill pick 42

Plz pm me and get a trade done!

The number is 827. Tugboat is the winner. Congratulations.

I will send out packs and the prize to everyone in the next few days.

Merry Christmas.

interesting idea on Topps to try this on hockey. I think baseball went fairly well, so we'll see how this goes for hockey.