Topps redemption card

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Jul 28, 2006
Opelika Al.
I finally got a Topps redemption card this morning. I got a redemption card of Method Man from some series 1 topps in 2019. This was the 1st redemption card I had ever pulled so needless to say it made my day. I didn't have a clue who Method Man was because I am not into rap. But none the less I was excited. But then I had some health problems and so I wasn't really doing much with my baseball cards. Toward the end of 19 I posted on here the Method Man card for trade. Somebody told me that he had backed out and was not signing all the autos. So I contacted topps and they told me that indeed that was the case and would I take an auto card of Austin Riley. So I said that indeed I would. That was in Feb of 20. Topps then started only working from home because of covid. So for 2 years now I would call them so often and would be told I would get my card one day. Well that day finally arrived after almost 2 years I got the card this morning..