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Oct 8, 2002
Sunny Central Florida
Topps has confirmed that the following 5 memorabilia cards in the recently released 2009 Tribute Baseball include pieces of stadium seat:

Babe Ruth Dual Relic Bat / Old Yankee Stadium Seat

Babe Ruth Triple Relic Old Yankee Stadium Seat / Uniform / Old Yankees Stadium Seat

Ty Cobb Dual Relic Bat / Tiger Stadium Seat

Jackie Robinson Triple Relic Ebbets Field Seat / Bat / Ebbets Field Seat

Mickey Mantle Triple Relic Old Yankee Stadium Seat / Uniform / Old Yankees Stadium Seat

Topps will replace any of the above cards with a pack of 2009 Topps Tribute Baseball or comparable product for collectors that are not satisfied with their card(s).

In addition, every card in 2009 Topps Sterling Baseball features game-used bat and game-used uniform except for one subject—Carl Erskine, which features Erskine’s autograph with stadium seat. Topps will replace this card with a pack of 2009 Topps Sterling Baseball for collectors not satisfied with their card.

Moving forward, to ensure no confusion, stadium seat pieces will not be used as memorabilia pieces unless it’s part of a special stadium seat specific insert.

Please send all items intended for replacement to the address listed below. Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.

The Topps Company

ATTN: Seat Relic Replacement

401 York Avenue

Duryea, PA 18642
Are they trying to say that 2009 Topps Tribute is the only time they have pulled this scam? What a joke and what a bunch of unethical crooks. Seems fitting for Topps to be unethical while we have to put up with most of MLB players, owners, and MLBPA being unethical as well. Lame and sad but typical.

"If you're unhappy with your overpriced crap we sold you, send it back to us an we'll replace it with other overpriced crap and assume everything is ok."
Well they could just slap an UER (uncorrected error) next to it and call it a day.
Apparently it's a lot easier (and cheaper) to label all cards the same, instead of properly labelling bat cards and seat relics appropriately.

But the question stands...with such a high priced product, shouldn't cutting corners and going the cheap route be out of the question?
From what I've read, it was a time/deadline problem..............Had the stuff printed then popped in the "wood" later...............You would think that it being high priced lead to better QC, but..................

No do yall think this will hurt the values of the cards?

I just came from eBAY and it looks as if the Ruth
cards(at least) are attracting bidders & dollars.
Is it possible there are people bidding who aren't
aware of this story or might this thing actually
drive up prices?What about the sellers?I did not
see any of the discriptions updated.
Could this end up as a 21st century kind of Billy Ripken thing?
Ouch. I was not surprised to hear this, as the wording on the cards is kind of generic. On the other hand, all the cards besided Erskine do contain an actual GU item so the Ruth, Cobb, etc. are still awesome cards.