Review Topps Supreme -- M L B


5.00 star(s)
Topps Supreme -- M L B

One box/pack - 2 cards
2 Auto'd cards per box

Omar Visquel - Simply Supreme
Alex Gordon

Topps Supreme is definitely a premium issue and is an issue for the player collector. Supreme has a fantastic design - the cards are 'sandwiched' for lack of a better word. The lighter portion of the card has the player picture, is die cut, and laminated to the blue portion of the card. Excellent technology - and the cards are beautiful. This design is one of the best that I have seen Topps come out with in recent years!!

The autos are blue Sharpee and both are on card autos - very well done!

Supreme will have condition issues if not handled carefully. The die cut portion is 'dingable' as well as the dark blue corners of the cards.

I don't read other reviews or do research prior to writing these reviews so I don't know how many cards are in the issue or what the various inserts might be. I do know that the 2 card packs will be hit or miss if one is buying Supreme just for resale in hope of a major hit. Obviously, there are retired as well as current players in the issue.

Overall grade A-- excellent design - only 2 cards.....

Go buy a box or 3 and send the Rays (hopefully, there is always next year!) to me!