Review Topps T-206 - 2009


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Topps T-206 - 2009

20 packs - 8 cards per pack
'Two Autographs and/or Relics Per Box'

I received the following in this box:

135 unique base cards - NO duplicates!!!! YES!!!!


All of the base cards are printed on 'aged' looking stock. The front features a drawing/picture of the player and the reverse has one short sentence of info of a highlight of the player. The set is 300 cards strong with some SP's (I think!) The set also features some great cards of the legends of the game - Cobb, Ruth, Mathewson, to name a few - very cool.


In each pack one receives a thick parallel bronze bordered card and a mini card.


In addition, one can find SP's of certain cards....

I received 4 in this box

Utley, Mathewson, Rasmus, and Kawakami



Here is an example of the Utley cards.

Mantle Checklists...


7 total checklists - I received 5 of the 7.

Mini's - Various Backs



Hoffman & Cust - Polar Bear
Ramirez - Old Mill
Renteria - Cycle #ed to 99
Ruth - Piedmont - printed on thicker white stock

Game Used


Miguel Tejada



Denard Span


In the vein of A&G, Topps 206 is another hit with most collectors. I would like to supply a list of SP's, and as soon as Topps sends me one, I will post it here on The Bench. This should be a good set to collate and save. I really like the inclusion of the legends of the game. (In my personal box, I pulled a Honus Wagner mini - could only wish it was the real one!!)

The auto I received is an on the card auto - YES!!!! 80% of all of the autos are included in the boxes - only 20% are redemptions. The auto is a blue Sharpee on the card.

If one is going to attempt to collect a set of the mini's or the bronze parallels... you're going to need to purchase a few boxes to get a good start on the sets.

Overall grade A+

Go buy several boxes and send the Longoria mini's, parallels, GU, and autos to me!!

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if the Pierre and/or the Ramirez - Old Mill are available for trade, i would be interested.................much to trade on my trade pages in my signature.


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I picked up 4 or 5 packs of this and didn't really like it...was hoping for more of a vintage feel to them...i think the whole A&G thing is starting to get a little worn out, and thats a shame because on it's own it's a great set if done ONCE a year...but this year round A&G is just getting old...guess the card companies didn't learn a thing from the 80's did they? Just crank it out as much as you can. Mayo, Goodwin's, T206, Philadelphia, Heritage,'s all starting to become a blur....


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I stopped by the shop yesterday and newly in was topps 206 and I hadnt seen them up close but it was almost time to close so I grabbed a box. The minis are great and out of a box and I got several hits including a Jackie Robinson Silk, Ichiro JSY, Wagner Gold Mini, and RC Auto. But I think they went a little far trying to make the reg cards look older. I dont like the bleeding colors and the simplification of the info on the back. I wish there was more info on the older players. I was limiting myself to putting a simple set together but may go for the mini. I could definitely use any SP you have. I hope the next box I have coming turns out as good if not better.
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The Ruth (white stock) is an sp mini card.

There are 50 sps. All have the name on the back (or rookie).

Can send a list if needed



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Did you happen to pull any Jeremy Guthries from this product?
I believe he is #271, not 100% sure however.
Thanks again for another review! I'm going to have to try a box of this!