Topps uncut sheet listings?

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Apr 13, 2007
Does anyone know of a resource that lists which cards were included on which full sheets for older Topps sets? I recently picked up 6 1991 Topps cards of Yankees, all of which had 1991 Topps football backs to them. I've seen a few of those scattered around the web in the last couple of years, and was wondering if anyone had reconstructed the sheet to see which all players (from both sides) would be in existence based on which football sheets were interposed with which baseball sheets.

Judging from the backs of the cards I got, there were at least two different production sheets involved; C & D. Since my Hensley Meulens collection is 99.999% complete when I found this new variation, I was wondering if I should also be looking for the same thing for my other player collections.

If I can't find a listing, I'll just see if I can reconstruct the baseball sheets myself based on the cards I have. I know Topps usually used sheets of 132 cards, but I don't have enough 1991 Topps football cards to make much of a dent.