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5.00 star(s)
Oct 8, 2002
Sunny Central Florida
Topps Unrivaled - NFL​

24 packs - 5 cards per pack
'1 Autographed Patch Relic or Dual Autograph and 2 Rookie Autographs Inside!'

I received the following:

100 base cards - a complete set!!:D PLUS 5 duplicates - this time, I have no problem with dupes.


3 numbered rookies to 999
Jimmy Graham
Jonathan Dwyer
Arrelious Benn

Topps Unrivaled NFL is printed on bright white, glossy, stiff stock. The action photo of the player is digitally isolated and no other player is shown on the card. The player photo seems to 'pop' on the card and looks great. I really like the fact that I received a complete base set of 100 cards in this box.
The reverse is essentially silver with the number of the card and the player's name prominently listed on top. Their pro stats are also found on each card.
The rookies have their college stats on the reverse.




#ed to 499
Williams, Ward, Starks, Marcus Allen
#ed to 999
Devin Hester


#ed to 759
Kolb, Revis, Marshall


#ed to 99
Chris Cooley



Trent Williams #ed to 780
Brandon Ghee #ed to 99


Eric Decker #ed to 349
Auto and patch


Unrivaled - good issue for the set builder and the player collector. The player collector will be able to chase the numbered parallels...

Check out the various subsets:
Unrivaled Vets
Unrivaled Rookies
Unrivaled Decoys
Unrivaled Auto Rookies
Unrivaled Dual Auto Rookies
Unrivaled Triple Auto Rookies
Unrivaled Quad Auto Rookies
Unrivaled Six Auto Sigs Rookies
Unrivaled Veteran Relics
Unrivaled Greats Relics
Unrivaled Rookie Relics
Unrivaled Relics
Unrivaled Auto'd Patch Cards
Unrivaled Auto'd Jumbo Patch Cards
Unrivaled Dual Auto'd Jumbo Relics
Unrivaled Dual Auto'd Jumbo Patch Cards
Red Zone Rookie Auto'd Cards

WOW!!! The master set builder will have their work cut out for them!! I only received 3 rookies - 50 in the set. At this rate, one would need to buy 17+ boxes to have an opportunity to get all 50... I think that is a tad much:eek:

The autos that I received were both sticker autos with the card designed for the sticker. The auto'd patch card is designed for the embedded sticker auto and is well done.

Overall grade is A- could have had several more rookies - only received 3 of the 50 listed on the checklist.

Go buy several boxes and send the Tebow rookies (of any kind) to me!!

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Agreed nice product indeed. any idea Duane what these boxes are running at price wise. also if that Ghee rc auto needs a home Im sure I can find it one .lol Thanks again for sharing the break.