Toronto Bluejays Fan Pack

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Jun 25, 2008
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Lewisville, TX
Today I recieved a fan pack from the Jays including:

2 magnetic schedules
10 pocket schedules
Blue Jays merch catalog
good stuff Andrew, congrats ( I'm working on the Mavs customs ) !!!
Nice fan pack Andrew.Congratulations.
Congrats! Have you gotten one from the Reds? I was curious what they include. As frustrated as they make their fans, they probably only send out a couple so it should include dinner with Brandon Phillips or getting to make up the lineup card lol!!
Haven't got one from the Reds yet, not sure what they include. I got a packet with three pocket schedules from the A's. Yippie, lol.
Congrats on the Blue Jays. I requested from them, but haven't received. Nothing from the Reds either. For the summer, I received 15 back out of 30 requests. Some good (Rangers), some bad (Giants). But overall, some decent stuff, especially considering it is free.
congrats.. Did you have to send a SASE to them?
I didn't receive anything from the Reds this year, either. Some times they send and some times they don't, but they typically have the best fan packs. Last year they sent a Reds barbecue apron, a Father's Day SGA, along with cards, pocket sched, and a Reds 12-month calendar.
The only teams that requested any type of correspondence were the Mets, Yankees, Braves and A's. Mets/Yankees/Braves requested a postcard be sent to a specific address, haven't received anything back from them yet. A's requested a SASE, did receive back from them -- it was a pocket schedule and a picture of Eric Chavez. Hoping that some of the teams that didn't respond were just waiting until the end of the season to see what they had in the offices that they wanted to get rid of.....