Toys for Tots and 1 Success

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Jul 27, 2009
Wichita Falls, TX
Hey guys,
Haven't had a lot of time to get on and post so I figured that I'd do it now. We went to the Rangers' Toys for Tots Drive on Thursday at the Ballpark in Arlington.
This is what we got (sorry, cameras still broken):

Dave Barnett (Radio Announcer)- 2x Signature Card
Steve Buechele (Former 3B)- 94 Bowman (smudged a little), 88 Fleer
Chris Davis (1B)- 09 Topps, 08 Donruss Elite
Scott Feldman (P)- 2x Signature Card
Craig Gentry (OF)- 2x Signature Card
Rusty Greer (Former OF)- 97 Donruss, 00 Topps, 95 UD
Tom Grieve (Announcer, Former player and GM)- 1x Signature Card
Derek Holland (P)-09 Topps Unique #'d 2590/2699, 1x Signature Card
Tommy Hunter (P)- 07 Just Rookies, 1x Signature Card
Clint Hurdle (Hitting Coach)- 09 Topps, 06 Topps, 04 Topps, 2x Signature Card
Eric Hurley (P)- 08 Oklahoma Redhawks Team Set Card
Ian Kinser (2B)- 1x 8x10 (as a gift for a girl), 09 UD SP Authentic, 09 Topps Photo Day Fun w/ Hamilton and Young (hopefully the start of a triple)
Brandon "I Couldn't Sign A Good Autograph If My Life Depended On It" McCarthy (P)- 3x 09 Topps (all awful, every auto I've ever gotten of him is awful)
Mark McLemore (Former 2B)- 93 UD, 96 Topps, 97 UD
Jackie Moore (Bench Coach)- 1x Signature Card
David Murphy (OF)- 1x 8x10 (also gift for a girl), 04 Bowman Gold, 07 UD First Pitch Foundations
Eric Nadel (Announcer)- 3x Signature Card
Pete O'Brien (Former 1B)- 89 Donruss, 92 Leaf
Eleno Ornelas (Spanish Announcer)- 1x Signature Card
Rangers Captain (Mascot)- 1x 09 Topps (Rofl)

And One Success on Friday:

Mike Cameron 4/4 c/o Home in 10 days

I'll post the pics when I get my camera fixed.

Thanks for looking!
I love this post! :D Are any for trade? I can message you with the guys that I need if possible. Pretty please? ;) GO RANGERS!!

Lol. You can message me about them if you'd like. I'd rather not move any of the real cards I got signed but I might consider moving some of the sig cards they hand out if anyone is interested. :D
yo, i figure i would jump in since i attended that event as well and this will be my first post...

nice haul, you got all the groups!!i took my 10 yr old nephew to it and boy was it cold...

we only got the first and third groups and then split but those were the ones he wanted.......but it was a nice event that they put on for free...

anyway my nephew did pretty well getting 4 baseballs signed(kinsler on 08 allstar ball and poster, murphy on a big12 baylor ball, and hunter on a pcl game ball that i caught in round rock when he pitched for okc in 08(he inscribed date of game and vs round rock, and holland on a ball he used to warm up in the pen before a start against tb this sept, he signed ss and wrote on panel,the date, 8-3 win vs TB and warm up ball...) those two guys were very cool...

lots of cards signed
hunter-3 and 4x6
holland-3 and 4x6
russell 4
hurdle-3 and sig card
kinsler sig card
gentry 2 4x6 and sig card

all in all my nephew had a blast..will be going to the newberg party on thurs to get some more stuff signed for my little nephew..

anyway good work again,