Tradelist Inside! Autos/GU/SPs. Take a look.


4.90 star(s)
Here are some of my tradeables. I have more at my site in my signature. Photos available upon request. Let me know what you like and let's make a deal.

2006 Tristar #FH3 Daniel Bard Auto (Red Sox)
2007 Tristar #FH-NH Nick Hagadone Auto (Red Sox)
2012 Bowman Sterling #BSAP-DM Deven Marrero Auto (Red Sox)
2014 Bowman #BCAP-MM Manuel Margot Auto (Red Sox)
2014 Bowman Sterling #BSPA-SC Sean Coyle Auto (Red Sox)
2015 Topps Tier One Daniel Nava Auto /399 (Red Sox)
2015 Topps Chrome #CUL-PS Pablo Sandoval Culminations Auto /50 (Red Sox)
2015 Topps Chrome #AR-BST Blake Swihart Auto (Red Sox)
2011 Bowman Sterling #BSP-BM Brandon Martin Auto (Rays)
2015 Bowmans Best #B15-GW Garrett Whitley Auto (Rays)
2015 Topps Triple Threads #UAJR-DPY Dalton Pompey GU/Auto /50 (Blue Jays)
2015 Bowmans Best #B15-BEB Beau Burrows Green Parallel Auto /99 (Tigers)
2013 Topps Triple Threads #TTUAR-66 Justin Masterson GU/Auto /99 (Indians)
2004 Leaf Certified Materials #295 Ryan Meaux Auto /200 (White Sox)
2008 Razor #EH-M Eric Hosmer Letterman Auto (Royals)
2013 Topps Chrome #NF Nick Franklin Auto (Mariners)
2014 Topps Stadium Club #SCA-SG Sonny Gray Auto
2011 Topps Triple Threads #TTUAR-38 Ricky Nolasco GU/Auto /50 (Marlins)
2015 Topps Museum Collection #SSD-LH Livan Hernandez Dual GU/Auto /199 (Expos)
2012 Bowman Sterling Jed Bradley Auto (Brewers)
2015 Bowmans Best #B15-KN Kevin Newman Auto (Pirates)
2010 Bowman Platinum #BPA-AWE Allen Webster Auto (Dodgers)
2012 Bowman Sterling Tyler Skaggs Auto (D'Backs)
2013 Topps #155 Adam Eaton RC Auto (D'Backs)
2009 Upper Deck USA Baseball #TJANT-MC Michael Choice Auto/GU (USA)
2013 Panini Stars & Stripes #SWI Blake Swihart Auo /792 (USA)
2013 Topps Tribute WBC #WTA-SV Shane Victorino Auto /50 (USA)
2015 A&G #AGA-BW Brian Windhorst Mini Auto (N/A)

2008 Upper Deck #CSC-PS Pappelbon/Schilling Dual GU /99 (Red Sox)
2011 Topps Marquee #TTJR-90 Carl Crawford Titanic Threads GU /75 (Red Sox)
2011 Topps Triple Threads #TTUSR-194 Jon Lester Unity Relic /18 (Red Sox)
2012 Topps Update #FGR-MB Matt Barnes Futures Game GU /199 (Red Sox)
2013 Topps Tier One #TOR-JL Jon Lester GU /399 (Red Sox)
2015 Topps Triple Threads #UJR-HRA Hanley Ramirez Unity GU /27 (Red Sox)
2015 Topps Update #STIT-BHO Brock Holt All-Star Workout GU (Red Sox)
2016 Topps #SRR-RP Rick Porcello Scouting Report GU (Red Sox)
2007 Topps #HRSK Scott Kazmir GU (Rays)
2011 Topps Lineage #75R-DP David Price Mini GU (Rays)
2014 Gypsy Queen #GQR-DJ Desmond Jenning GU (Rays)
2005 Upper Deck SP #LL-JP Jim Palmer GU /75 (Orioles)
2005 Donruss Zenith #ZB-20 Brain Roberts GU Patch
2015 A&G #FSRA-CD Chris Davis Full Size GU (Orioles)
2015 A&G #FSRA-AJ Adam Jones Full Size GU (Orioles)
2015 Topps Museum Collection #MMJR-IKR Ian Kinsler Momentous Materials GU /10 (Tigers)
2009 Upper Deck #IC-JW Jake Westbrook Icons GU (Indians)
2015 Donruss #33 Jason Kipnis Jersey Kings GU (Indians)
2014 Topps Triple Threads #UJR-MR1 Manny Ramirez GU /18 (Indians)
2004 Donruss Timelines #CH-7 George Brett Call to The Hall GU (Royals)
2007 Bowman Sterling #BS-VG Vlad Guerrero GU (Angels)
2015 A&G #FSRB-LM Leonys Martin Full Size GU (Rangers)
2015 Topps Museum Collection #MMJR-JBB Jeff Bagwell Monumentous Materials GU /50
2015 Topps Tribute #TR-CB Craig Biggio GU /150 (Astros)
2015 Diamond Kings #123 Shelby Miller Dual GU /99 (Braves)
2015 Topps Triple Threads #TTRL-JS John Smoltz Legends GU /18 (Braves)
2015 Topps #FHRR-HR Hanley Ramirez First Home Run GU /99 (Marlins)
2013 Topps Gypsy Queen #GQMR-FM Fred McGriff Framed Mini GU (Cubs)
2015 A&G #FMR-SCA Starlin Castro Framed Mini GU (Cubs)
2013 Topps Triple Threads #TTUR-60 Matt Kemp Unity Relic /36 (Dodgers)
2010 Upper Deck #UDGJ-TO Todd Helton GU (Rockies)
2015 Topps Tribute #DC-TT Troy Tulowitzki Diamond Cut GU /50 (Rockies)
2012 Topps Museum Collection #PPQR Ian Kennedy Quad GU W/Patch /99 (D'Backs)
2015 Topps Tribute #TR-RJ Randy Johnson GU W/Pinstripe /150 (D'Backs)
2004 Upper Deck USA Baseball #NH-JL Jed Lowrie National Honors GU (USA)
2008 Topps Triple Triple Threads Holliday/Beltran/Lee Triple GU /36 (Rockies/Mets/Astros)
2008 Upper Deck Ball Park Collection #246 M. Ramirez/Ordonez/Willingham/Burrell Quad GU
2010 Bowman Platinum #PP32 Gerrit Cole USA*(USA)
2011 Bowman Sterling #USAR-DL David Lyon USA GU (USA)

SP's & Parallels
2004 Leaf Limited Jason Varitek /749 (Red Sox)
2004 Donruss Elite Extra Edition Pokey Reese /750 (Red Sox)
2007 Topps Update UH 247 Hideki Okajima Gold /2007 (Red Sox)
2011 Topps Chrome #116 Clay Buchholz Orange Parallel (Red Sox)
2011 Topps Marquee #51 Kevin Youkilis Blue /299 (Red Sox)
2013 Topps #118 Daisuke Matsuzaka Gold Parallel /2013 (Red Sox)
2014 Bowman #BP30 Ty Buttery Blue Parallel /500 (Red Sox)
2016 Topps Heritage #THC-438 David Ortiz Purple Refractor
2008 Topps #123 Mark Texeira Moments & Milestones /25 (Yankees)
2008 Topps Heritage #23 Robinson Cano Black Back Parallel (Yankees)
2010 Topps #7 Mickey Mantle SP (Yankees)
2013 Bowman Draft #TP-23 Ty Hensley Refractor Parallel (Yankees)
2013 Bowman Draft #TP-35 Mark Montgomery Chrome Refractor RC (Yankees)
2013 Topps Archives #60 Robinson Cano Gold Parallel /199 (Yankees)
2015 Bowman #BP87 Jorge Mateo Yellow Retail Parallel (Yankees)
2015 Bowmans Best #72 Carlos Beltran Atomic Refractor (Yankees)
2015 Topps Heritage #711 Andrew Miller Chrome /566 (Yankees)
2010 Bowman Platinum #76 Carl Crawford Refractor /999 (Rays)
2013 A&G #343 David Price SP (Rays)
2014 Bowman #159 Wil Myers Silver Parallel /75 (Rays)
2015 Topps #134 Brett Lawrie Phto Variation SP (Blue Jays)
2004 Donruss Leather & Lumber #LEL-32 Eddie Murray /2499 (Orioles)
2011 Topps Lineage #182 Frank Robinson Diamond Refractor (Orioles)
2011 Bowman #138 Koji Uehara Blue Parallel /500 (Orioles)
2013 Gypsy Queen #90 Brooks Robinson Black Mini Parallel /199 (Orioles)
2014 Stadium Club #T9B Manny Machado Luminous Die-Cut (Orioles)
2015 Topps heritage #THC-454 Manny Machado Retail Foil Refractor (Orioles)
2015 Bowman #BP26 Hunter Harvey Silver Ice Parallel (Orioles)
2015 Bowman #BP26 Hunter Harvey Yellow Retail Parallel (Orioles)
2015 Topps #136 Manny Machado Photo Variation SP "W/Mike Trout" (Orioles)
2015 Topps #US200 Adam Jones Sabermetric Variation SP (Orioles)

2013 Bowman Draft #BDPP29 Kevin Ziomek Silver Ice Chrome Refractor RC (Tigers)
2015 Topps #654 Alfredo Simon Throwback Variation SP (Tigers)
2015 Topps #92 Ian Kinsler Throwback Variation SP (Tigers)
2015 Topps Archives #90 Ian kInsler Gold Parallel /50 (Tigers)
2015 Diamond Kings #74 Joe Mauer Framed Red (Twins)
2015 Topps Stadium Club #103 Kennys Vargas Gold Foil Parallel (Twins)
2010 Topps Update #US330 Cleveland Naps Variation SP (Indians)
2014 Topps Gypsy Queen #199 Larry Doby Blue Framed /499 (Indians)
2015 Topps #599 Michael Brantley Throwback Variation SP (Indians)
2015 Topps Gypsy Queen #90 Carlos Santana White Border Parallel (Indians)
2015 Topps Heritage #THC-484 Corey Kluber Chrome /999 (Indians)

2015 Topps Update #US69 Zach McAllister Throwback Variation SP (Indians)
2015 Bowmans Best #HDH-CS Chris Sale High Def Heritage (White Sox)
2015 Topps Update #US324 Carlos Rodon Photo Variation SP RC (White Sox)
2015 Topps #376B Chris Sale Photo Variation SP (White Sox)
2013 Topps #204 Alex Gordon Photo Variation SP (Royals)

2015 Bowman Draft #116 Raul Mondesi /499 RC (Royals)
2015 Topps #456 Alex Gordon Throwback Variation SP (Royals)
2007 Upeer Deck Goudey #240 Vladimir Guerrero SP (Angels)
2015 Topps Heritage High Number #723 Yovani Gallardo Purple Refractor (Rangers)
2011 Topps #595 Michael Pineda Gold Parallel RC /2011 (Mariners)
2013 Bowman Draft #TP-15 Taijuan Walker Chrome Refractor (Mariners)
2013 Tops Gypsy Queen #45 Felix Hernandez Mini Photo Variation SP (Mariners)
2015 Topps Update #325 Felix Hernandez Throwback Variation SP (Mariners)
2013 Topps #US79 Yu Darvish Photo Variation SP (Rangers)
2014 Topps #193 Josh Donaldson X-Fractor Parallel (A's)
2015 Bowman #37 Josh Reddick Silver Ice Parallel (A's)
2006 Topps Heritage #400 Clemens/Oswalt/Pettitte Astros' Aces SP (Astros)
2014 Topps Jesse Crain Camo Parallel /99 (Astros)
2015 Bowman #BP41 Carlos Correa Yellow Retail Parallel (Astros)
2015 Topps #US318 George Springer Throwback Variation SP (Astros)
2015 Topps Gypsy Queen #44 Steve Carlton White Border Parallel (Phillies)
2015 Topps Update #US318 Phillippe Aumont Photo Variation SP "Rally Squirrel" (Phillies)

2014 Gypsy Queen #98 Phil Niekro Red Mini /99 (Braves)
2015 Bowman Draft #120 Lucas Sims Grey Parallel /499 (Braves)
2015 Topps Update #US190 Shelby Miller Photo Variation SP (Braves)
2016 Topps #242 Matt Wisler Gold Parallel /2016 (Braves)
2014 Bowman #BIB89-MC Michael Conforto 1989 Bowman is Back Silver Diamond Refractor (Mets)
2014 Topps #600 David Wright Gold Parallel /2014 (Mets)
2015 Topps Heritage #THC-449 Matt Harvey Retail Foil Refractor (Mets)
2012 Topps #220 Omar Infante Orange Refractor Parallel (Marlins)
2012 Topps #567 Mike Stanton Gold Sparkle Parallel (Marlins)
2015 Topps Update #US396 Ichiro Photo Variation SP (Marlins)
2013 Topps #127 Giancarlo Stanton Photo Variation SP (Marlins)
2012 Bowman #BP88 Anthony Rendon Blue Parallel /500 (Nationals)
2014 Bowman #BIB89-BH Bryce Harper 1989 Bowman is Back Silver Diamond Refractor (Nationals)
2011 Topps Gypsy Queen #62 Red Schoendist Green Border (Cardinals)
2014 Bowman Platinum #TP-OT Oscar Taveras Top Prospects Die Cut (Cardinals)
2015 Topps #US135 Jason Heyward Photo Variation SP (Cardinals)
2015 Topps Archives #164 Aroldis Chapman Silver Parallel /199 (Reds)
2015 Topps #42 Todd Frazier Snow Camo Parallel /99 (Reds)
2015 Topps #406 Jon Lester Throwback Variation SP (Cubs)
2014 Topps Heritage #THC-499 Gerrit Cole Chrome Parallel /999 (Pirates)
2015 Topps Archives #49 Willie Stargell Silver Parallel /199 (Pirates)
2015 Topps Archives #111 Starling Marte Silver Parallel /199 (Pirates)
2013 Topps Archives #144 Paul Molitor Gold Parallel /199 (Brewers)
2015 Topps Triple Threads #88 Jonathan Lucroy Amethyst Parallel /354 (Brewers)
2015 Bowman Draft #47 Cody Ponce Green Chrome Parallel /99 (Brewers)
2013 Bowman Draft #BDPP10 Dustin Peterson Orange Parallel /250 (Padres)
2013 Topps Triple Threads #34 Tony Gwynn Amethyst Parallel /625 (Padres)
2015 Topps Update Chrome #US325 Matt Kemp Gold Parallel /250 (Padres)
2005 Topps #508 Derek Lowe Gold Parallel /2005 (Dodgers)
2011 Topps #435 Pee Wee Reese Variation SP (Dodgers)
2005 Donruss Champions #410 Jayson Werth /75 (Dodgers)
2007 Topps #540 Chad Billingsley Gold Parallel /2007 (Dodgers)
2014 Topps #40B Hyun-Jin Ryu Photo Variation SP (Dodgers)
2015 Bowmans Best #HDH-AG Adrian Gonzalez High Def Heritage (Dodgers)
2015 Gypsy Queen #111 Adrian Gonzalez Silver Mini Parallel /199 (Dodgers)
2011 Topps #US258 Monte Irvin SP (Giants)
2010 Topps #398 Carlos Gonzalez Gold Parallel /2010 (Rockies)
2015 Bowman #BCP18 Forrest Wall Purple Parallell Chrome /250 (Rockies)
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