Trading baseball cards for Garbage Pail Kids


Bench Warmer
Hello, I have a very large collection of cards I'm looking to offload, or in pieces. Wanting to do a straight trade for any GPK you might have. There are many commons, but also many, many stars, admittedly nothing too rare, roughly 20-30K cards. I have specifically a large Ken Griffey Jr. collection, including a PSA 9 graded minor league Bellingham RC. I also have the majority of a 1979 Topps set in NM-MT. The majority of the collection would be mid 80's to early 2000's, as that was my heavy collecting period. The best way to do this might be is if you let me know what GPK you have and I can look for an equivalent value through what I have. Feel free to PM me with any other specifics/questions! Thanks for looking