Trading for........well.......just about anything!


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No kidding folks. I collect all four major sports, other sports, minor sports, minor leagues, non-sports, even 45 RPM and LP albums. Why? The answer is, what's the sense of stock piling anything (unless its money, gold, Mantle, Jordan, Gretzky, Kobe Lebron RC' get the idea. So, if you are a true collector and you have locked away all those other things you simply won't want to trade as your nest egg for the future and you have a pile of stuff you don't know what to do with? I'M YOUR MAN! Now, I am not gonna trade you my T206 Wagner for a box of 1991 Donruss commons. (cause I already have a complete set! :) ). But we can trade something you don't have for something I have, fair value, and not affect our 401K stash. All of my cards are on a fully computerized inventory by year / card company / set.........again, I think you get the idea. I can check my inventory in a few seconds.....or you can if I send whatever you request to you in an e-mail! You want inserts? Over 4,000+ on a single file fully sortable. Starter/complete sets or singles from a specificl year / company / sport.....again, I think you get the idea. And a specific set, say, 1992 Upper Deck Baseball? My complete inventory of what I have is just an e-mail away. Just request it. Long story short...............


God Bless - Billy

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