Trading the following 90's cards for Roger Clemens

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Apr 9, 2007
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Salem OR
I have the following Basketball cards for trade. Looking for Roger Clemens I need. LMK if interested. Thanks,Rich

89-90Fleer All Star Team #123 Johnson
89-90Fleer RC #56 Richmond
92-93Skybox USA Road to Gold #USA5 Pippin
92-93Topps RC #362 O'Neal
92-93Hoops #442 O'neal (2)
93-94Skybox Draft #DP24 Spewell (2)
93-94Skybox Draft #DP2 Mourning
93-94Upper Deck McDonald #P34 O'Neal
93-94Skybox Magics All Rooke #9 of 10 Horry
93-94Fleer NBA Superstar #16 O'Neal
93-94Skybox Shaq Talk #2 O'Neal
94-95UD CC Silver Signature #232 O'Neal
94-95UD CC Blue Print #390 O'Neal
94-95Skybox Skytech Force #SF11 Kidd
94-95Skybox Raging Rookies #RR3 Kukoc
94-95Skybox Draft #DP10 Jones
94-95Skybox Big Numbers #BN1 Robinson
94-95Flair Playmaker #6 of 10 Pippen (2)
94-95Ultra Scoring Kings 10 of 10 Wilkins
94-95Ultra Scoring Kings 9 of 10 Sprewell
94-95Ultra Scoring Kings 1 of 10 Barkley
94-95Flair Spring Fever 8 of 10 Pippen
94-95Upper Deck Slam Dunk #S18 Weber
95-96Fleer Tower of Power #1 of 10 Kemp
95-96Hoops Hit List 2 of 10 Kidd (2)
95-96Stad Club Spike Says #SS9 O'Neal
95-96Std Club Nemeses N4 O'Neal
95-96Topps **** Kids #WK9 Hardaway
95-96Skybox clos-up #C1 Pippen
95-96UD Slam Dunk #@19 Wilkins
95-96UD All Star Class #AS10 Dumars
95-96Ultra Jam City 8 of 12 Olajuwan (2)
95-96Ultra Jam City 1 of 12 Hill
95-96Metal Metal Force 8 of 15 Malone
95-96Ultra Jam City #9 of 12 O'Neal
95=96Ultra USA 5 of 10 Olajuwon
95-96Ultra #295 RC Wallace
95-96Ultra #972 RC Finley (4)
96-97Hoops Flywith 3 of 10 Kidd
96-97Hoops Flywith 10 of 10 Stoudamire
96-97Fleer Decade of Excellence #17 Tisdale
96-97Topps #171 RC Iverson
96-96Skybox Z Force #R-2 Marbury
96-97Upper Deck CC RC #301 Iverson
96-97Fleer Total O #7 of 10 Mourning
96-97Fleer Total O 8 of 10 Olajuwon
96-97Skybox Autographics Chris Morris
97-98Fleer Tower of Power #12 Webber
97-98UD All Rookie Team Oneal/Smith/Iverson
97-98Skybox Z Force #ST1 Ewing
97-98Finest Catalysts Gold #163 Kittles
97-98Skybox Reebok BRONZE Iverson
97-98Skybox Reebok GOLD Iverson
97-98Finest Defenders #275 Rodman
97-98Topps Top 40 Gold #T40-25 Stockton
98-99Topps RC #199 Carter
UD Gold Reserve #102 O'Neal
Press Pass Double Threat Jackpot Rc
#J3B/4 RC Williams
Fleer All Stars 3 of 12 Olajuwon
Fleer All Stars 12 of 12 Ewing
What kind of trade value are you looking for on these?

96-97Topps #171 RC Iverson
98-99Topps RC #199 Carter
92-93Topps RC #362 O'Neal
Yeah, that's why I'm asking to see if I have enough to get any of those.
Ok probably don't have that much. I'm guessing the Shaq is the $20 one?

Also do you have a Clemens list of what you need?
Ok probably don't have that much. I'm guessing the Shaq is the $20 one?

Also do you have a Clemens list of what you need?
Iverston $120
Shaq $100
Carter $20
I don't have a want list! I can help u buying saying I DO NOT need any card prior to 1996. I DO NOT need any commons prior to 2019. I DO NEED inserts/parallels,etc from 1996-present. Hope that helps. Rich