Trading To Start Sets I Don't Have And Complete The Ones I Do


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Greetings From New Jersey!,

My name Is Bill (Billy to my friends), and I have been a set builder since 1981 when my girlfriends Brother got me into the hobby. It's been a really fun ride pack busting and completing sets and starting new ones. So here I am reaching out to you to do just that. I would love to trade for the cards I need on my want list on my web page link (below). But I am also looking to trade for sports/non sports of things I don't have yet, for my quarter of a million fully computerized inventory of inserts and doubles. Mind you, if your looking for Mike Trout relics or Gretzky RC's, I'm not your guy. But if you are looking to move a pile of whatever and pick up a pile of new whatever, well, I encourage you to e-mail me when you have time. And if you have Pete Rose anything, I would be happy to trade him off your hands. So drop me a line if you want here or better yet, my direct e-mail addy; [email protected]. Of course we can complete our trades on the board. Its just easier to answer my direct mail than hit the boards (which I do occasionally unless I have a reason).

Hope to hear from you soon! Stay cool and safe.

God Bless - Billy

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