Transformers, SNES, and Magic Cards FS


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I need to make some cash for the Emerald City Comic Con next month. As such, I have the following items for sale.

First off, I have a few of the old transformer jump starter figures still in their sealed packages. I have multiples of both: topspring and twintwist. I am looking for $50 for the nicer set, but if you would like one of the ones in a package that has a loose window, I will let those go for $15 a piece. Either get it for yourself or be the cool dad/uncle/brother and give one to young relative. Shipping for them will be around $10.00.

Next up are two Super NES games. Super Bomberman 2 and Uniracers. Both come with their box and instructions. I am looking for 25.00 for Super Bomberman 2 and 35 for Uniracers. or I will take $50.00 for both. Shipping will be $5.00.

Finally I have three rare Magic the Gathering Cards. They are Infernal Tutor, a rare card used in many Legacy and Modern format decks. I am looking for $15.00 for the three with free shipping.

Thanks for looking.