Trickle down theory.....


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I haven't sent much out lately, but there is still a trickle at the end of the week....
The Bull signed an '89 Swell baseball greats card.

Hank Fischer on a '63 Milwaukee Braves Topps card.

Thanks to my fellow graphers to inspire me to finish off my '72 Braves RC with Jimmy Britton finishing off the threesome card.

Mickey Klutts signed his '77 & '78 RCs once again as both were sent for further signings & both never found their way back home.

Two boosts for the '79 collection, one from Mike Proly, who also signed a '82 topps #183 (up for trade) and the other '79 came from Rich Hebner who also signed a '85 Topps for that collection and an additional '85 from Brian Harper adding his auto also to a '90 Donruss & '91 Donruss DK22 (up for trade).

Bobby Grich signed a '81 Topps for that collection

Enjoy the season....