tried a few boxes from black friday


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tried a few boxes I bought last week and here are the results

2011 contenders
mike trout rc
Dillon howard auto
tyler grimes auto
kevin comer auto
john hicks auto
greg bird auto
gerrit cole auto

12/13 limited
kevin martin auto /99
deron Williams jerse /199
marcus morris rc/auto redemption

12/13 timeless treasures
Isaiah Thomas time to shine auto /199
lance Thomas glass rookie auto /499
derrick rose as patch /49

banchwarmers vegas baby
Jennifer korbin auto
syd wilder auto
Brittany Herrera auto
Deanna brooks auto
yancey taylor auto
ryan shamrock auto
Rachel Bernstein auto
Tabitha taylor auto
Katie lohmann auto
Jennifer korbin inscriptions auto /25
mary riley sportsbook auto green /11

2013 topps mini
gold /58
London fletcher
Ezekiel ansah
reuben randle
brian cushing

black /5
aaron Dobson rc 2/5

zac stacy 1/1 yellow printing plate

Lawrence taylor mini auto /35 (pc item)