Triple A All Star Fanfest - Allentown, PA

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Feb 22, 2010
Easton, PA
The Triple A All Star game is coming to the Lehigh Valley (Allentown, PA) and with it comes the Fanfest during the weekend before the game (July 10th). Individual tickets are $10. There will be former players and current broadcasters signing at the Fanfest including Greg “The Bull” Luzinski, Darren Daulton, Ricky Bottalico, Larry Anderson, Gary Matthews, Marty Bystrom and Chris Wheeler, Todd Zolecki, and Rich Westcott signing copies of their books. The MLB Network is broadcasting the game with Tom McCarthy and Mitch Williams making the calls. Info is available here:
That's a nice hit for $10.
Last date was rained out, so we have a new date of Aug. 29th and some new bodies. Throughout the day numerous former Philadelphia Phillies will be signing autographs, including Darren Daulton, Ricky Bottalico, Milt Thompson, Tommy Greene, Marty Bystrom and Dickie Noles. 
Well, I went 4/6 at this event yesterday. Daulton/Bottalico were signing first and it was a mad house there as soon as the doors opened. I found the line but it was ridiculously long. When they announced that they were signing for 10 more minutes and I wasn't anywhere near the line, I ditched and jumped into the Noles/Bystrom line. They were both great people taking the time to spark up quick conversation with people. I got Bystrom to sign on the sweet spot of a ball and Noles signed on a panel of another. After this, I jumped in the Thompson/Greene line. Greene signed on the sweet spot of an old NL ball I had laying around and inscribed "No Hitter 5-23-91" on the panel below it (my personal favorite ball of the day) and Thompson signed on the sweet spot of another ball.

I wasn't too upset about Dutch and Bo since I have received things back through the mail from them. I did see one nut after they shut the line down go off his rocker by slamming seats down and kicking the coolers because he didn't get autographs from them two. The guy was throwing a total temper tantrum. On a brighter note, after they shut the Thompson/Greene line down, those two stayed and signed balls, shirts, hats, whatever anyone threw down to them for at least another 20-30 minutes. Total class act from these guys especially Milt who showed up to a Phillies AAA organization after being canned by the Phils 3 weeks ago.

I came as a fan of the team and left as a bigger fan of the people.