Trout/Harper/Kershaw FT/FS


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I am looking to trade these first, but would sell if we cannot reach a trade. I would love to trade up on these and get one bigger card for one smaller card, and am willing to trade in your favor.

2011 Finest #94 Mike Trout RC $50.00
2012 Bowman Mike Trout #34 (x11) $2.50
2012 Bowman Gold Mike Trout #34 (x2) $6.00
2012 Bowman Chrome Mike Trout #34 (x3) $5.00
2012 Bowman Platinum Mike Trout #16 (x6) $3.00

2007 Bowman Draft Chrome Clayton Kershaw #BDPP77 $20.00

2011 Bowman Bowman's Brightest #BBR1 Bryce Harper (x2) $15.00
2011 Bowman Topps 100 #TP1 Bryce Harper $15.00
2012 Bowman Chrome Prospects Bryce Harper #BCP10 (x2) $6.00
2013 Bowman Draft Future of the Franchise Blue Mini #BHA Bryce Harper $5.00


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Interested in the Trout Finest RC. Please let me know what player/team you're looking for in trade. Thanks.


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Tom: Not really looking for anything specific - nicer cards with BV of $50 or more that I can trade up for.

CubsFan: Same thing - would not be opposed to more Mike Trout stuff, but would like to trade up if possible.