Ttm 2/12-2/13


5.00 star(s)
so internet has been out since fri night until are fri and sat successes...

Scott Servais 6/6

Jon Lieber 3/3

Todd Jones 2/2

Dustin Richardson 2/2(signed in pen though) sent AFL Richardson,a current BoSox prospect and former Tech Red Raider, also has the distinction of being on that Bobby Knight reality show, Knight School. He tried to win the walk-on hoops spot but failed. I think he probably made the right decision.

Bill Mueller 3/3

Pat Hentgen 3/3

Hentgen included the following index card...

In order to be a good pitcher, you must stay over the top and follow through. Always keep your eyes on the catcher's glove throughout your windup. And enjoy your time on the mound. If you don't enjoy it, you won't be successful."

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